Silberhund Poodles

a dog that gets the job done and looks good doing it!
Having spent my entire life, some 50 plus years, raising, training, showing and hunting with my dogs, all labradors until about 1995 when I got my first standard poodle.
I was totally surprised by the standard poodle and how versatile and intelligent they are. As well as a work ethic and temperament that are unsurpassed. Our goal is to produce a genetically healthy, structurally sound, athletic dog with a temperament that will meet the needs of the family as a companion, conformation show dog, working athlete or hunting companion.
We compete with our dogs in the show ring, in the performance arena of agility and obedience as well as hunting trials. In addition, many days are spent in the field for pheasants and geese and then return home to spend time together on the couch.
They are the most intelligent, funny clowns that want nothing more than to be with their humans. We breed only occasionally and only to bitches with exceptional health clearances and good to excellent hips.



for becoming the FIRST and ONLY DUAL MASTER HUNTER!

Lin Gelbmann provides rehabilitation modalities for the equine and canine athlete as well as evaluation of and conditioning programs for the performance canine.

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